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  • Über mich Mint has
updated a number of of its net-catalog pages with pricing, pictures, and different info collectors
have been waiting for. Bullion coins ship in the identical
plastic capsules, mint tubes of 10 coins,
or Monster Packing containers of 100 coins (10 total tubes).
The overwhelming majority of the new cash within the ATB
program featured all-new designs on the reverse facet for each of
the 50 states. Only Arizona, California, and South Dakota featured photos consultant of the
same locations as used on the state quarters program, nonetheless the
specific designs of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and Mount Rushmore (respectively) were completely
different. Also, while the state quarters and territories quarters have been separate packages, America
the Lovely is a 56-coin program that consists of 5 new design releases each year.

ATB Coin is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to
deliver blazing fast, secure and near-zero cost funds to anybody on the earth.
Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, Smart ?ontracts and Cloud Mining are
right here for you. ATB Segregated Witness The objective of ATB
Segregated Witness or ATB SegWit is to optimize the size of transactions permitting to mix a number of transactions into one block.
Conventional bottlenecks like network scalability, block overflow, transaction pace and commission discount at the moment
are revolutionized with SegWit. ATB Lightning NetworkATB Lightning Network is a new protocol that optimizes the block-network.

One other amazing and really helpful function of ATB Lightning
Community is the multi-signature operation mode.
The ATB Lightning Network generates two non-public keys in the 2 out of 2” cryptography scheme.
ATB Sensible ContractsATB Sensible Contracts is an digital
algorithm that describes a set of circumstances, the
implementation of which entails actual life events identified to everybody.
It is a very highly effective function indeed capable to evolve
many conventional contracts right into a cryptographic resolution offering users
with protection and reliability. ATB Coin is a balanced POS cryptocurrency
that tackles issues by leveraging essentially the most
useful options of Proof-of-stake algorithm and makes it much
more environment friendly, versatile, and agile thanks to
the use of SegWit.

Moreover, the Lightning Community allows consumers to reduce the amount of time spent and commissions paid inside any given transaction. Good contracts are one of the few parts of ATB
Coin's course of that the group didn't create themselves.
Instead, the mixing of good contract expertise
has grow to be the norm of banking organization within the
crypto-market. Smart contracts are basically units of executable code which facilitate a number of several types of transactions between users.
Although perhaps not probably the most technologically refined trait of the ATB
Coin community, their inclusion of multi-foreign money wallet know-how speaks volumes about their intent as a banking group for merchants of all backgrounds.

ATB Lightning Community is a brand new protocol that optimizes the block network.
This can be a very highly effective characteristic indeed able
to evolving many traditional contracts into a cryptographic answer offering customers with protection and reliability.
Crowdfunding of ATB Coin tokens started June 12, 2017, and can continue till July 12, 2017.
Altogether, the utmost tokens issued will quantity 333 million, of which 50 million can be assigned to the Crowdfunding ICO.
ATB Coin ICO members may make investments using Bitcoin, Ethereum,
ZCASH, and Litecoin. Bitcoin PR Buzz does not certify the
accuracy of the data in press releases published on this web site.

Issuers of Press Releases, and initial coin offering for atb coins never Bitcoin PR Buzz,
are solely liable for the accuracy of the content material.
Identical to no person owns the email expertise, no person owns the Bitcoin community.
ATB Coin project has attracted greater than 14 million USD of investments and more than 1100 investors since its
begin of the ICO on June 12, 2017. The strongest advantages of ATB Coin are the brand new blockchain applied sciences used comparable
initial coin offering for atb coins
to SegWit, Lightning Network and Smart Contracts.
ATB Coin is boasting a limiteless throughput of transactions per second and
permits for Sensible Contracts for use by an important number of business and purposes.

The obverse of those 5 oz Silver bullion cash is sort of an exact duplicate of each quarter-greenback that has
been launched within the mint's America the Stunning circulating quarters program.

The Nationwide Park System was established through laws spearheaded by President Theodore
Roosevelt, who proclaimed 18 national parks by the
end of his term. This follow was continued by later
presidents utilizing the Antiquities Act till there have been greater than a hundred
national parks and monuments. Theodore Roosevelt can now be seen as one of many
4 faces on Mount Rushmore because of his tireless efforts to create a National Park System that might preserve America's most precious treasures for future generations to see and

SegWit will atb coins increase the block dimension limit (which improves the network's security) and
reduces the transaction time, enhancing transaction malleability and
allowing good contracts and sidechains like Lightning Community.

Lightning Community allows for sending rapid and
free transactions to a number of customers within the
network as a result of multi-signature payments and
sensible contracts. One Lightning Network goal is to create
micropayment channels off the blockchain so customers can send unlimited payments
to one another. ATB Coin makes use of cryptographic algorithms to ensure blockchain integrity and the protection of customers' cash.

The design of the cash duplicates exactly (although enlarged) each of the America the Lovely Quarters.
The coins are distributed by the United States Mint's community of licensed bullion dealers, and could also be resold at
the discretion of the Director of the National Park Service.
These America the Beautiful coins are the bullion version and don't
include the certificates of authenticity or
mint field that accompany the upper priced Uncirculated versions.
Graded coins are sealed by the independent service in tamper
resistant plastic slabs with the grade and distinctive ID quantity
printed on the label. Underneath the In God we trust” inscription, the Uncirculated cash
feature a P” image representing the Philadelphia
mint whereas the Bullion cash would not have a mint mark.

Uncirculated cash are vapor blasted after minting, giving them a matte
end, whereas Bullion coins have a shinier end. The Uncirculated coin also comes
with a certificate of authenticity from the Mint and is placed
inside a plastic capsule after which in a mint-issued
box. All coins within the sequence feature a typical obverse depicting George Washington in a restored version of the portrait created by John Flanagan for
the 1932 Washington quarter, while the reverse options 5 particular person designs for annually
atb coins of this system (one in 2012), each depicting a
national park or nationwide website (one from each state, the
federal district, and every territory).

The significant amount of pure silver (5 troy ounces) make these cash
a lovely investment for buyers who wish to diversify their portfolios.
Collectors around the globe love the unique designs on the reverse,
particularly the cash that includes locations within the United States which might be well-known throughout the world.
Locations just like the Yellowstone Nationwide Park, Grand Canyon National
Park, Mount Rushmore Nationwide Memorial, amongst many others, need no introduction to each folks residing in the United States and out of doors it as nicely.
Whereas the reverses of these coins feature lovely photographs, handpicked for his or her beauty
or historical significance, the obverse shows an elegant portrayal of George Washington.

Engravings signify the national park, state, and yr of concern. The reverse facet of every ATB Silver Coin bears the imagery found on circulation US
quarters. The left-profile portrait of President George Washington is the same as the
nation's quarter, and was designed in 1932 by John Flanagan to exchange the famed Standing
Liberty Quarter. Cumberland Gap Nationwide Historic Park is located in the
state of Kentucky, and was the unique gateway to the west atbcoin for atb quarters list thousands of Individuals.

Each of the 2016 5 oz ATB Colorized Silver Cumberland Gap National Historical Park coins on this product itemizing
has good, natural hues and colorization added to
the obverse design.

In 2010, the United States Mint started issuing 56 quarter-greenback
cash featuring designs depicting nationwide parks and other national websites
as part of the United States Mint America the Lovely Quarters® Program.
Former Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner selected the list of web sites to
be honored after consulting with the governor or other chief executive of each
host jurisdiction and former Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar,
in accordance with America's Lovely National Parks Quarter Greenback Coin Act
of 2008. The America's Stunning National Parks Quarter Dollar Collection Act of 2008 gives for designs to be submitted in accordance with the design choice and approval course of developed
by, and in sole discretion of, the Secretary of the Treasury.

Designs can be based mostly on the same theme
as used within the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters® Program,
or the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Quarters Program, however can't be
the identical design. The nationwide web site quarter-dollars will
likely be issued at a price of five new designs annually within the order
through which the selected sites have been first established as a national website.
The United States Mint will provoke the site choice process by contacting the atb coins at initial coin offering chief executive of each host jurisdiction (State/District of Columbia/Territory)
by means of a formal letter of request to identify one most popular and three ranked
alternative nationwide sites in his or her jurisdiction.

Celebrate the spirit of American military history with
the Fort Moultrie quarter! The US Mint launched the America the Beautiful silver bullion coin series in 2010.

The obverse options George Washington, as minted on US quarter dollars since 1932.
The coins' reverse duplicates paintings found on the much-liked America
the Lovely quarters, commemorating national parks or nationwide sites.
The US Mint releases 5 designs yearly, each representing a park in one
of many 50 states and Washington DC. The restricted collection is ready to run until
2021. The objects you might be selling to us needs to be shipped promptly through the US Postal Service
and insured for his or her full value.

If you happen to come across a big, thick coin that has an identical design, the United States Mint did produce 5 ounce replicas of those cash.
ANNICO ATB Coin - the world's fastest and most safe cryptocurrency.
The answer is simple - ATB Coin makes use of the most recent technology you can learn more about it on our web site.
The final lap: investments into ATB Coin will cease on July 12, 2017.
In two weeks after launching (June 12, 2017) a New York-primarily based cryptocurrency
startup ATB Coin has attracted over 14 million USD and
over 1000 buyers, primarily from the USA, Canada and China.
Edward Ng and Herbert William Hoover, the founders and principal buyers of ATB Coin, expect to raise up to 50 million USD during the
whole period of ICO.

My page initial coin offering for atb coins

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