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ATB Coin Cryptocurrency ICO Now Underway Across Globe.
Another wonderful and really useful feature of ATB Lightning Network
is the multi-signature operation mode. The ATB Lightning Network generates two personal keys within the 2 out of 2” cryptography scheme.

ATB Sensible ContractsATB Good Contracts is an digital algorithm that describes a set
of situations, the implementation of which entails actual life events
identified to everybody. This can be a very highly effective characteristic indeed succesful to evolve many conventional contracts
right into a cryptographic resolution offering customers with protection and reliability.
ATB Coin is a balanced POS cryptocurrency that tackles issues by leveraging the most useful
options of Proof-of-stake algorithm and makes it even more environment friendly, flexible, and agile due to using SegWit.

Instead, an intensive blockchain links hundreds of bits of
knowledge collectively, stopping alteration whereas preserving the anonymity of transactions.
The Segregated Witness system, the Lightning Network setup,
in addition to the Good Contract and Muti-currency wallet capability
are all elements of ATB that give its platform a singular universality to shoppers of
increasingly diversified funding backgrounds.
The SegWit is a singular configuration of ATB Coin's platform that permits programmers and experts
to sidestep an vital conundrum on this planet of cryptocurrency Instead of having to
extend the block dimension of the data-storing block, the Segregated Witness system allows transactions
to maximise their info effectivity while minimizing the scale of the block.

With the explosive growth of Bitcoin and the fall of , we created a website dedicated to educating novices on the
varied Bitcoin Exchanges. Ongoing ATB Coin ICO Raises over $14 Million in 2 Weeks from
over 1000 Traders. Bitcoin Press Launch: Cryptocurrency
startup atb 5 oz mintage totals at initial coin offering Coin has successfully raised over $14
Million from over 1000 traders as its ICO continues till July
12, 2017. June 29, 2017, New York - The New York-based cryptocurrency startup, ATB Coin that
introduced a monthlong ICO on June 12, 2017, has already raised over $14 million from over 1000 buyers.
The ATB Coin platform is developed using the world's atb coins most superior protocols together with SegWit, Lightning Network, Sensible Contracts,
and ATB Offline Codes.

ATB Lightning Community is a brand new protocol that optimizes the block community.
It is a very highly effective characteristic certainly able to evolving many traditional contracts into a cryptographic solution offering customers with protection and reliability.

Crowdfunding of ATB Coin tokens began June 12, 2017, and will continue until July 12, 2017.

Altogether, the maximum tokens issued will quantity
333 million, of which 50 million will likely be assigned to the
Crowdfunding ICO. ATB Coin ICO participants may invest using Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCASH,
and Litecoin. Bitcoin PR Buzz doesn't certify the accuracy of the data in press releases printed on this web site.

The obverse of these 5 oz Silver bullion coins is sort of an exact
duplicate of every quarter-greenback that has
been released in the mint's America the Stunning circulating quarters program.
The Nationwide Park System was established by means
of legislation spearheaded by President Theodore Roosevelt,
who proclaimed 18 national parks by the tip of his time period.
This practice was continued by later presidents using
the Antiquities Act till there have been more than a hundred nationwide parks
and monuments. Theodore Roosevelt can now be seen as one of many four faces on Mount Rushmore because of his tireless
efforts to create a Nationwide Park System that would protect America's most precious treasures for future generations
to see and admire.

Glacier National Park, Montana is the 2nd coin in the 2011 America The Stunning National Park Collection. Purchases of 10
coins will are available an unsearched mint-issued tube. Purchases of a hundred
coins will are available a mint-issued atb coins sealed monster bins.

The most important silver bullion coins ever issued by the United States Mint.
Design of the cash duplicates precisely (though enlarged)
each of the America the Lovely Quarters collection. Obverse: Widespread to complete sequence, depicting George Washington in a restored
version of the portrait created by John Flanagan for the 1932 Washington quarter.

Reverse: Depicts national parks and other nationwide websites in each state,
District of Columbia and 5 U.S. territories ? Puerto Rico,
Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana
Islands. Edge: Smooth edge inscribed with the coin specifications: ?.999 HIGH-QUALITY SILVER 5.0 OUNCE?.
The America's Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008 (Public Legislation a hundred and ten-456) authorizes the manufacturing of 5 ounce,999 positive silver bullion cash replicating
every of the designs featured on the United States Mint America the Stunning Quarters®.
The bullion cash are three inches in diameter and have a nominal face value of 25 cents.

Uncirculated cash are vapor blasted after minting,
giving them a matte finish, while Bullion cash have a shinier finish.
The Uncirculated coin additionally comes with a certificate of authenticity
from the Mint and is positioned inside a plastic capsule
after which in a mint-issued box. All coins
within the collection feature a standard obverse depicting George Washington in a restored
version of the portrait created by John Flanagan for the 1932 Washington quarter,
while the reverse features five particular person designs for each year
of the program (one in 2012), each depicting a nationwide park or national site (one from
each state, the federal district, and each territory).

The significant amount of pure silver (5 troy ounces)
make these cash an attractive investment for investors who want to diversify their portfolios.
Collectors across the globe love the distinctive designs on the reverse, especially the coins that includes areas within the United States which might
be well-known throughout the world. Places just like the Yellowstone Nationwide Park, Grand Canyon Nationwide Park, Mount Rushmore
National Memorial, among many others, need no introduction to each individuals residing in the United States and outside it as nicely.
While the reverses of those coins characteristic beautiful photos, handpicked for their magnificence or historic significance, the obverse displays an elegant portrayal of George Washington.

In addition to the silver content material and exquisite designs, the limited mintages of coins within the ‘America the Stunning' collection keep buyers and collectors
on their toes, trying to snag a number of, before shares run dry and
retains this product line one of the crucial in style of all of the silver coins.

Second release in 2016 and thirty second coin in the ATB Collection! Represents
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Honors Kentucky
in the America the Stunning program. On the obverse of the 2016 5 oz
ATB Colorized Silver Cumberland Hole Nationwide Historical Park coin you will discover the image of a frontiersman looking out over
the Cumberland Gap, holding his long rifle in hand as
he ponders a future in atb coins the unexplored American West.

In 2010, the United States Mint began issuing 56 quarter-dollar cash featuring designs depicting nationwide parks
and different nationwide sites as a part of the United States
Mint America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.
Former Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner chosen the checklist of websites to be honored
after consulting with the governor or other chief government of each host
jurisdiction and former Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar, in accordance with America's Lovely National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008.

The America's Lovely Nationwide Parks Quarter Greenback Sequence Act of 2008 gives for designs to
be submitted in accordance with the design choice and approval process developed by, and in sole discretion of, the Secretary of the Treasury.

The designs on the cash issued throughout this program shall be emblematic of one nationwide site in each host jurisdiction (State/District
of Columbia/Territory). This system will honor the national park or other national website in each host jurisdiction deemed most applicable in terms of natural or historic significance.
Chosen sites have to be ones that can fairly be expected to translate
into dignified designs of which the residents of the United States may be proud (for
example, have to be distinctive and readily recognizable as honoring that website).
Chosen websites must be ones that can fairly be anticipated
to translate into designs which can be neither frivolous
nor inappropriate.

America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated
Coinsfor Collectors. The collector (numismatic”) model of the bullion coin is produced with an atb coins uncirculated end.
It has the P” mint mark for the United States Mint at Philadelphia.
America the Stunning 5 Ounce Silver - Fort Moultrie.

America The Beautiful Silver Coin - Fort Moultrie. Fort Moultrie, the
first fort constructed on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina, is certainly one of a sequence of coastal fortifications situated within Fort Sumter
Nationwide Monument. Though supposed primarily to protect Charleston, SC, Fort Moultrie played a initial coin offering for atb coin case job in defending the entire Nation from 1776 to
1947, through the Revolutionary Warfare, Civil Battle, and World Wars I
and II. Officially established as a nationwide web site in 1948,
it represents more than one hundred seventy years of American coastal protection strategy.

Varieties on the 2020 Nationwide Park of American Samoa Quarter This coin was produced in a silver selection as a
part of proof sets. The easy indicator to find out if your coin is silver
is by the mint mark. The silver quarters can have an S” mintmark, slightly than a P” or D.” Along with the silver quarters, late-evening TV.
started promoting gold plated Nationwide Park Quarters in an try to con viewers into thinking that the coin would be worth much more.
Sadly, the amount of gold that it takes to plate 1 / 4 could be very insignificant,
and these gold plated quarters don't have any value within the collector

In the event you come throughout a large, thick
coin that has a similar design, the United States Mint did produce 5 ounce replicas of these cash.

ANNICO ATB Coin - the world's fastest and most
safe cryptocurrency. The answer is easy - ATB Coin uses the most recent expertise you can study more about it on our website.
The final lap: investments into ATB Coin will cease on July 12, 2017.

In two weeks after launching (June 12, 2017) a New York-based
cryptocurrency startup ATB Coin has attracted over 14 million USD and over
one thousand buyers, primarily from the USA, Canada and China.
Edward Ng and Herbert William Hoover, the founders and essential investors of
ATB Coin, count on to raise up to 50 million USD throughout the whole period of ICO.

Cryptocurrency buy made by Rothschild Fund is a serious step in direction of the
support of cryptocurrency by institutional buyers.
Additionally, one other good option is to use ATB Code inside smart contracts, when the ultimate
recipient is unknown, and it can be any person who fulfilled the terms of the contract.
Most of these providers acknowledged the profitability, the
convenience of conversion and output of codes, as well as the safety of such transactions.
ATB Coin is an innovative decentralized cryptocurrency incorporating the perfect advanced applied
sciences and satisfies the wants of all market
gamers to one of the best advangage - users, buyers and enterprise owners.

New York-based mostly cryptocurrency atb coins startup, ATB Coin has introduced that its one month long
ICO, that started on June 12, 2017, has already raised over $14 million from over 1000 buyers.
With nearly per week left, the ICO presents a possibility for buyers to assist the project.
The ATB Coin platform has been developed utilizing
SegWit, Lightning Community, Good Contracts, ATB Offline Codes and different superior protocols.
The ATB Coin recorded a total of $12 million worth of investments, in the
first quarter-hour of the ICO. Company CEO Edward Ng final week stated that the corporate had
obtained funding interest from the United States, Canada,
and China.

My blog atb coins at initial coin offering

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