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[img] including
that the ICO shall be ongoing for the subsequent 4 weeks, with a focused
amount of $50 million.

ATB claims that the system permits transactions to be placed in a block of higher amount.”
Additionally, the builders comment that the SegWit configuration robotically solves a variety of points involving community scalability, block overflow, transaction speed,
and commission reduction.” If confirmed, these developments may drastically improve the way in which transactions are carried out throughout the block.

A self-repairing block system allows the blockchain to maximize the efficiency and speed with which transactions are requested and carried out.
Another aspect of ATB Coin's initiative to optimize the transaction course of is
their Lightning Community.

The cryptocurrency's capabilities and its future potential
has enabled it to raise $12 million throughout the first
fifteen minutes of the ICO. In line with CEO Edward Ng, the corporate's
technologically revolutionary cryptocurrency has already attracted excited investors from the United
States, Canada, and China. Edward also acknowledged that the corporate is
happy with the current high level of interest and optimism from buyers.
Edward expects the ICO to proceed for the subsequent couple of weeks and meet the estimated target amount of $50 million. The purpose of
ATB Segregated Witness or ATB SegWit is to optimize the size of transactions allowing
it to mix multiple transactions into one block.

The information about the ICO: Crowdfunding of ATB Coin tokens began on June 12, 2017 and will last till July
12. The founders and foremost traders of ATB
are Edward Ng (initially from China) and Herbert William Hoover (initially from USA).

Icocrypto is the place to come for discussion of every thing associated to lively and upcoming ICO / Crowdsales.

This cryptocurrency is developed with the world's most advanced protocols built-in similar to SegWit , Lightning
Community, and Smart Contracts. Particulars
of ICO: Crowdfunding of ATB Coin tokens started June 12,
2017 and will continue for the subsequent 4 consecutive weeks.

America the Stunning Quarters nostalgically have an obverse of
the 1932 portrait of George Washington. These quarters have the historical inscriptions of U.S.A.
OF AMERICA,” LIBERTY,” IN GOD WE BELIEF,” AND QUARTER DOLLAR.” With history on the obverse, these Silver bullion quarters have unique reverses starting from national parks, forests, and memorials.
The United States Mint releases a new design 5 occasions a yr.
Future designs and launch dates to at the very least 2021 will be found at The first 12 months of
the ATB coin series was 2010. Begin your quarter assortment
with 5 oz Nationwide Park Quarters from APMEX.

These are the first five ounce, three inch, zero.999
superb silver bullion coins ever produced by the United States
Mint. These distinctive silver bullion coins will function reverse designs depicting nationwide
parks and other nationwide websites in each state, District of Columbia and five U.S.

territories ? Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S.

Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands. The coins will be issued in the order wherein the featured
website was first established as a national park or website.
United States Mint ATB Silver Bullion Cash are investment-grade silver
bullion cash. atb coins United States Mint ATB Silver Bullion Cash, with their
distinctive U.S. authorities backing, could also be sold for
cash at many coin and valuable metals dealers.

Uncirculated cash are vapor blasted after minting,
giving them a matte finish, while Bullion coins have a shinier end.

The Uncirculated coin also comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Mint and is placed inside a plastic capsule
after which in a mint-issued field. All coins within the sequence function a typical obverse depicting George Washington in a restored version of the portrait created by John Flanagan for the
1932 Washington quarter, while the reverse features five individual designs for annually of this system
(one in 2012), each depicting a national park or national
website (one from each state, the federal district,
and each territory).

With a 5-coin annual launch schedule, the variety of cash in this series
has quickly expanded to a formidable array over time.
Every of these coins is struck using pure 0.999 purity silver weighing 5 ounces.
The ‘America the Lovely' collection took root from the popularity
of the '50 State Quarters' program that started in 1999.

Licensed by America's Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act 2008, every coin in this atb
coins at initial coin offering sequence has loved large popularity ever since.

Even now, buyers and collectors at all times eagerly await the next batch of 5 cash annually.

Each coin on this series includes a unique picture on their reverse, portraying one of many quite
a few historic sites, monuments, or national parks in the United States.

The significant quantity of pure silver (5 troy ounces) make these coins a gorgeous funding for buyers who wish to diversify their
portfolios. Collectors across the globe love
the unique designs on the reverse, especially the cash that includes areas in the United
States which are famous throughout the world.
Places just like the Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National
Park, Mount Rushmore Nationwide Memorial, among many others, want no introduction to both individuals residing
within the United States and out of doors it as effectively.
While the reverses of these coins feature lovely pictures,
handpicked for their magnificence or historical significance,
the obverse shows a sublime portrayal of George Washington.

Reverse designs for 2017 America the Lovely Quarters.
April 3, 2017 - Frederick Douglas Nationwide Historic Web site within the District of Columbia.
June 5, 2017 - Ozark Nationwide Scenic Riverways in Missouri.

The San Francisco Mint also strikes quarters, but just
for specifically packaged numismatic products. The U.S.
Mint can even use the identical 2017 quarter designs on companion bullion and
collector coins which can be composed from five ounces of ninety nine.9% fine silver.
Next 12 months's cash mark the 36 through 40 issues
in an 11-yr collection. A total of 56 sites can have been honored when the U.S.
Mint's program America the Lovely Quarters® comes to an end in 2021.

Designs can be based mostly on the same theme as used in the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters® Program, or the District of
Columbia and U.S. Territories Quarters Program,
however can't be the same design. The national web site quarter-dollars will likely be issued at
a price of five new designs annually within the order during which the chosen websites were first established as a
nationwide website. The United States Mint will provoke the positioning selection process by contacting the chief government of every host jurisdiction (State/District of Columbia/Territory)
by means of a formal letter of request to
establish one preferred and three ranked alternative national sites in his
or her jurisdiction.

Traders now have one other alternative in stunning silver!
The America's Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act
of 2008 — Public Legislation 110-456 — authorizes the production of five ounce,999
advantageous silver bullion cash replicating each of the designs featured on the United
States Mint America the Lovely Quarters®. These are the first five ounce, three inch,999 high quality silver bullion cash ever
produced by the United States Mint. These distinctive silver bullion cash will feature
reverse designs depicting nationwide parks and different
nationwide websites in each state, District of Columbia and 5 U.S.
territories — Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands.

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