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Name: Alexandra Gendron
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A paradise inside the heart of the archipelago,
the island of Bohol is rich with history, hospitable individuals, as well as a culture worth knowing,
beaches caves and scenic view for the nature lovers. island of
Bohol lies in the middle of the Visayas area and is reachable by an hour's boat ride from Cebu or Mactan island.

bohol travel and tours is surrounded by islands shielding it from annual
typhoon season. It really is separated from the Mindanao region by Bohol Sea within the south as
well as the Canigao channel in the east. The
Camotes seas separate the island in the Camotes Island and also the Bohol strait
in the island of Cebu.

Bohol features a land region of 4117.3 square kilometers, producing it because
the tenth biggest island in the Philippines.

On Bohol, a lot of people speak Boholano which comprises 1 third of the population. You will be mistaken should
you believe that language will be a problem because Tagalog and English is nicely
understood by the people.

Aside from the renowned chocolate hills of Bohol the island has a lot more to
offer. Tourist destination contains not just the well-known pristine white sand beaches that stretched the
island, Bohol's tourist assets contains, caves, majestic falls, scuba diving
sites whale and dolphin watching and historical landmarks.

The Chocolate hills of Bohol is almost certainly a single from the most popular tourist
attractions within the country. These consist of approximately
1268 hills and is uniform in shape largely 30 to 50 meters in height.

The hills are covered in grass but throughout the dry season it turns into brown giving the chocolate like

Chocolate hills complex is accessible by bus going to Carmen and dropping off prior to the town of Carmen. From there it is a 10 minute stroll going for the complex and
enjoys the wonder of nature.

Panglao island's beaches and resorts are a site to visit for tourist.
It really is positioned southwest of Bohol and has two municipalities.
In addition to the well-known beaches are Alona, Dumaluan, Bikini, Momo, and Doljo.

Panglao provides cave tours like the Hinagdanan cave,
dolphin watching, scuba diving web sites, visita eglesia- Dauis church,
Bohol's tallest hanging bridge, and an encounter with the
Tarsier monkey which are only endemic in the island.

The Island resort also gives numerous restaurants, recharging physique massage and unforgettable nightlife for celebration goers.

Bohol is also dotted with numerous majestic
and refreshing waterfalls about the island. It's hidden away from the urbanization and are waiting for tourist
to be discovered. Several minutes of stroll in the Antequera will be the Mag Aso falls that only fro several pesos one can enjoy the scenic view.

Also positioned near the town is the Inambacan falls that is the source of irrigation and drinking provide for the folks of Tagbilaran. In the
municipality of Dimiao, the twin falls are located that offers a good spot for picnic and trekking.

Bohol is also identified as the cave country from the Philippines which offers 1400 known caves and a few to become discovered.
It may offer adventures a location for spelunking and trekking.

Certainly the island of Bohol is a paradise that awaits
each and every visitor to become enchanted by the God offered beauty
of Mother Nature.

Bohol is positioned inside the middle in the
archipelago and may be reached conveniently
by Boat of by air. For tourist coming from abroad you
will find two alternatives very first a flight to Cebu then another going
to Tagbilaran or Manila connecting to Tagbilaran. Coming from manila, air travel can take
an hour and a half to Tagbilaran.

And for all those travelers with small spending budget to devote ferry may be an choice from manila that
may take 25 hours of travel. Come and visit Bohol and appreciate God's present to man.

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