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New Difficulty: U.S. Mint accepting orders for latest ATB coin. Bullion coins ship in the identical plastic capsules,
mint tubes of 10 cash, or Monster Containers
of a hundred cash (10 total tubes). The overwhelming majority of the brand new coins in the ATB program featured all-new designs on the reverse aspect for every of the 50 states.

Only Arizona, California, and South Dakota featured
photos representative of the same places as used on the state quarters program, however the particular designs of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite Nationwide Park, and Mount Rushmore (respectively) were completely different.
Also, while the state quarters and territories quarters had been separate programs, America the Beautiful
is a 56-coin program that consists of 5 new design releases annually.

ATB Coin is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-primarily based cryptocurrency designed to deliver blazing quick, secure and close to-zero price
funds to anyone on the earth. Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, Sensible ?ontracts and Cloud
Mining are here for you. ATB Segregated Witness The goal of
ATB Segregated Witness or ATB SegWit is to optimize the dimensions of transactions permitting to combine
a number of transactions into one block. Conventional bottlenecks like community scalability, block overflow, transaction velocity and commission discount are now revolutionized with
SegWit. ATB Lightning NetworkATB Lightning Network is a
brand new protocol that optimizes the block-network.

One other amazing and very atb coins useful characteristic of ATB Lightning Network is the
multi-signature operation mode. The ATB Lightning Network generates two private keys within the 2 out of 2”
cryptography scheme. ATB Good ContractsATB
Sensible Contracts is an digital algorithm that describes a set of conditions, the implementation of which entails actual life occasions recognized to everybody.
This is a very highly effective function certainly capable to evolve many conventional contracts right into a cryptographic solution offering users with safety
and reliability. ATB Coin is a balanced POS cryptocurrency
that tackles issues by leveraging the most useful options of Proof-of-stake algorithm and makes it even more efficient, versatile, and agile due to
the use of SegWit.

As an alternative, an intensive blockchain hyperlinks 1000's of bits of data collectively, preventing alteration while preserving the anonymity of transactions.

The Segregated Witness system, the Lightning Community setup, in addition to the Sensible Contract and Muti-currency pockets functionality are all facets of ATB that give its platform a novel universality
to purchasers of more and more varied investment backgrounds.

The SegWit is a unique configuration of ATB Coin's platform that allows programmers and specialists to sidestep an necessary conundrum on the planet of cryptocurrency
As an alternative of getting to extend the block dimension of the data-storing
block, the Segregated Witness system allows transactions to maximize their info efficiency whereas minimizing the scale of the block.

With the explosive development of Bitcoin and the fall of ,
we created an internet site dedicated to educating newbies
on the assorted Bitcoin Exchanges. Ongoing ATB Coin ICO Raises over $14 Million in 2
Weeks from over a thousand Investors. Bitcoin Press Release:
Cryptocurrency startup ATB Coin has successfully raised over $14 Million from
over a thousand investors as its ICO continues until July 12, 2017.
June 29, 2017, New York - The New York-based mostly cryptocurrency startup, ATB Coin that announced a monthlong ICO
on June 12, 2017, has already raised over $14 million from over 1000 investors.
The ATB Coin platform is developed utilizing the world's most superior protocols together with SegWit,
Lightning Community, Good Contracts, and ATB Offline Codes.

Issuers of Press Releases, and not Bitcoin PR Buzz,
are solely answerable for the accuracy of the content material.
Identical to no person owns the email expertise, no person owns
the Bitcoin network. ATB Coin venture has attracted greater than 14 million USD
of investments and greater than 1100 traders since its
begin of the ICO on June 12, 2017. The strongest benefits of ATB Coin are the brand new blockchain technologies used akin to SegWit, Lightning
Community and Sensible Contracts. ATB Coin is boasting an infinite throughput of transactions per second and
permits for Smart Contracts to be used by a fantastic variety of business and applications.

America the Lovely Quarters nostalgically have an obverse
of the 1932 portrait of George Washington. These quarters
have the historical inscriptions of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OF
QUARTER DOLLAR.” With historical past on the obverse, these Silver
bullion quarters have distinctive reverses starting from national parks, forests,
and memorials. The United States Mint releases
a brand new design 5 instances a yr. Future designs and launch dates to at
the least 2021 might be discovered at The primary yr of the ATB coin collection was 2010.

Start your quarter collection with 5 oz National Park Quarters from

SegWit will increase the block dimension restrict (which improves
the network's security) and decreases the transaction time,
improving transaction malleability and allowing sensible contracts and
sidechains like Lightning Network. Lightning Community permits for sending rapid and free transactions to a number
of users in the network because of multi-signature funds and smart contracts.
One Lightning Community purpose is to create micropayment channels off the blockchain so users can send limitless funds to
one another. ATB Coin makes use of cryptographic algorithms to make sure blockchain integrity and the safety of customers' coins.

Their quarter-dollar face worth is symbolic, as a result of silver's market worth
has historically been much greater. ATB Silver Bullion Coins promote
at prevailing silver market prices, plus a average premium to cover manufacturing
and different prices. Silver is usually the bottom-priced valuable steel,
making these bullion coins an reasonably priced alternative for many traders.

The America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins comprise a sequence of silver bullion cash with a face value of a quarter dollar.
The coins comprise five troy ounces of silver, making them the biggest
silver bullion coins ever issued by the United States Mint.

Unlike the reeded fringe of the traditional quarter, the silver coins
have a easy edge inscribed with the coin specs:999 ADVANTAGEOUS SILVER OUNCE. Purchase America the Stunning Silver Quarter Coins
On-line. A land of variety and a number of cultures, America has a rich cultural, historical, and scenic story to inform the world.
More than two centuries of exploration, development,
and safety of nature throughout the nation, has
unearthed several brilliantly exquisite spots of
nature in addition to historical monuments that
deserve the limelight. Aimed toward giving these places their probability to shine (actually),
the United States Mint began the ‘America the Beautiful' silver coin collection in 2010.

america the beautiful coin collection at initial coin offering In addition to
the silver content material and delightful designs, the limited mintages of cash
in the ‘America the Lovely' sequence keep investors and collectors
on their toes, attempting to snag just a few, before shares run dry
and retains this product line some of the in style of all the silver cash.
Second launch in 2016 and thirty second coin in the ATB Series!
Represents Cumberland Hole National Historical Park. Honors Kentucky within the America the Lovely program.
On the obverse of the 2016 5 oz ATB Colorized Silver Cumberland
Hole National Historic Park coin you'll discover the
image of a frontiersman looking out over the Cumberland Gap, holding his lengthy rifle in hand as he ponders a future
in the unexplored American West.

Engravings signify the national park, state, and yr of difficulty.
The reverse aspect of every ATB Silver Coin bears the imagery discovered on circulation US quarters.

The left-profile portrait of President George Washington is the same as the nation's quarter, and was designed
in 1932 by John Flanagan to exchange the famed Standing Liberty Quarter.
Cumberland Hole Nationwide Historical Park is positioned in the state of Kentucky, and was the unique gateway to the west for thousands of People.
Every of the 2016 5 oz ATB Colorized Silver Cumberland Gap National Historical Park cash on this product
listing has brilliant, pure hues and colorization added to the obverse design.

Reverse designs for 2017 America the Stunning Quarters. April three, 2017 - Frederick Douglas Nationwide
Historic Site in the District of Columbia.
June 5, 2017 - Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri.
The San Francisco Mint additionally strikes quarters,
however just for specially packaged numismatic merchandise.
The U.S. Mint may also use the identical 2017 quarter
designs on companion bullion and collector coins which can be composed from 5 ounces of ninety nine.9% advantageous silver.
Next 12 months's cash mark the 36 through forty issues in an 11-year collection. A total of 56 websites may have been honored when the U.S.
Mint's program America the Lovely Quarters® involves an finish in 2021.

United States Mint America the Lovely Silver Bullion Cash are funding-grade
silver bullion coins. United States Mint America the Stunning Silver Bullion Coins, with their unique U.S.
government backing, may be offered for money at many coin and precious metals dealers.
Their quarter-greenback face value is symbolic, as a result of silver's market worth — reported out there pages and Web sites
of major newspapers — has traditionally been a lot larger.
America the Stunning Silver Bullion Cash sell at prevailing silver market costs, plus a average premium to cover production and different prices.

Have fun the spirit of American military history with the Fort
Moultrie quarter! The US Mint launched the America
the Lovely silver bullion coin sequence in 2010. The obverse options
George Washington, as minted on US quarter dollars since 1932.

The cash' reverse duplicates paintings found on the a lot-beloved
America the Beautiful quarters, commemorating national parks or
nationwide sites. The US Mint releases 5 designs yearly, every representing a park in one of
many 50 states and Washington atb coins DC. The limited sequence
is about to run until 2021. The objects you are selling to us needs to be shipped promptly
via the US Postal Service and insured for his or her full value.

The cash minted in 2020 included American Samoa, Weir Farm, Salt
River Bay, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller, and Tall grass Prairies.
Errors on the 2020 Nationwide Park of American Samoa Quarter There
are presently no identified errors of this coin. When you ever run throughout anything that
looks unusual with this United States National Park Quarter, please contact considered one of our experts to have the
error verified, or ship the coin to a professional grading company for his or her opinion. Nevertheless,
the common circulation U.S. Nationwide Parks Quarter is simply definitely worth the face worth of $zero.25.
These cash can be spent, saved, or taken to the financial institution.

Day by day the variety of ATB Coin investors is rising. And ICO
will end on July 12 and once you be part of us, you're going
to get 1% bounty. All registered customers who make investments greater than 200 ATB are participating
in it. For each 200 ATB on your account, you get 1 lottery
ticket for the draw, which will probably be held on a specifically
prepared page of the site on July 11 at 06:00 PM (UTC).
Throughout the lottery, each 5 minutes the system will randomly select a
winner and announce the winners wallet number on the specially created part of our
web site. Please be excited about ATB Coin as we are going
to win the hearts of cryptocurrency merchants, miners and traders together with you.

my web page :: atb
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