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With the wildly successful press reception of ATB ?oin's U.S.
introductory launch final Thursday, the corporate's Management Staff
is reporting over $12 million has been raised within the first fifteen minutes of the cryptocurrency's
highly-anticipated ICO. SegWit increases the block dimension restrict (which improves the community's security) and reduces the transaction time, enhancing transaction malleability
and permitting sensible contracts and sidechains like Lightning Network.
Lightning Community permits for sending instant and free transactions to a number of users within the network on account of multi-signature funds and sensible contracts.
One Lightning Community purpose is to create micropayment
channels off the blockchain so users can ship unlimited payments to one another.
ATB Coin makes use of cryptographic algorithms to make sure blockchain integrity and the safety of customers'

These are the first five ounce, three inch, zero.999 high quality silver bullion coins ever produced by the United
States Mint. These distinctive silver bullion cash will function reverse designs
depicting nationwide parks and different national sites in each state, District of
Columbia and 5 U.S. territories ? Puerto Rico, Guam,
American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands.
The coins will probably be issued in the order through
which the featured site was first established as a nationwide park or web
site. United States Mint ATB Silver Bullion Coins are funding-grade silver bullion coins.

United States Mint ATB Silver Bullion Cash, atb coins at initial coin offering
with their unique U.S. authorities backing, could also be offered for
cash at many coin and valuable metals sellers.

Unlike the reeded fringe of the conventional quarter,
the silver coins have a clean edge inscribed with the coin specs:999 HIGH-QUALITY SILVER 5.0 OUNCE.
Purchase America the Beautiful Silver Quarter Coins On-line.
A land of range and multiple cultures, America has
a rich cultural, historic, and scenic story to inform the
world. More than two centuries of exploration, development, and safety of nature throughout the country,
has unearthed a number of brilliantly beautiful spots of nature as
well as historic monuments that deserve the limelight.
Geared toward giving these locations their probability to shine
(actually), the United States Mint began the ‘America the Stunning' silver coin collection in 2010.

Although cash in ‘America the Stunning' (ATB) series are inspired by the 50 State Quarters program, ATB's 5 oz silver makes them 5 times bigger than the cash that motivated their mintage.
All the cash released within the ‘America the Lovely' program
thus far featured brand-new imagery of unique places in each
state, other than the cash that represented the states of Arizona, California, and South Dakota.
The images used on the coins for these 3 states had been replicas of the
designs that were released earlier in the course of the 50 State Quarters program.
Nonetheless, the massive surface areas of these
five ounce cash have allowed artists and engravers to unleash their creativity,
in stunning, eye-catching element - a feat that isn't doable with smaller cash.

The United States Mint does not colorize any of its merchandise.
Matters might embrace bitcoin prices, outlooks on altcoins, cryptocurrency growth, economics,
and more. Please permit time to your transaction to get confirmed by your blockchain network ( BTC, LTC
or ETH ). After the transaction is confirmed you'll
get your stability in ATB Coins seen at your dashboard. Two weeks in the past new cryptocurrency ATB Coin started ICO.
Already collected nearly $14.2 million and ATB Coin's investors are 849
individuals. Recall that three years ago - in August 2014
- probably the most in style so far cryptocurrency Ethereum attracted by means of the position of tokens $18.four million.

The reply is straightforward - ATB Coin makes use of the most
recent know-how you can study more about it on our Website.
And it is higher to do it quicker, as a result of till the end
of the ICO there are less than 10 days left, and the variety of investors has elevated to more than 1200.
August 2017—The quickest and most safe blockchain payment gateway.
ATB Coin is a mission incorporating the perfect options of the prevailing blockchain tasks: Segregated Witness,
Lightning Network, as well as Cloud Mining and Smart?ontracts.
ATB Coin ICO will start from Jun 12, 2017 until Sep 01, 2017.
ATB Coin is designed to incorporate Segregated Witness, Lightning
Community, Good ?ontracts and Cloud Mining.

Buyers now have another alternative in beautiful silver!
The America's Lovely Nationwide Parks Quarter Greenback Coin Act
of 2008 — Public Legislation 110-456 — authorizes the production of
5 ounce,999 high-quality silver bullion coins replicating
each of the designs featured on the United States Mint America the Lovely Quarters®.
These are the first five ounce, three inch,999 positive silver bullion coins ever produced
by the United States Mint. These distinctive silver bullion cash will feature
reverse designs depicting national parks and other national websites in every state, District of Columbia and 5 U.S.
territories — Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S.
Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands.

America the Stunning Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coinsfor Collectors.

The collector (numismatic”) model of the bullion coin is produced with an uncirculated
finish. It has the P” mint mark for the United States Mint at
Philadelphia. America the Lovely 5 Ounce Silver - Fort Moultrie.
America The Lovely Silver Coin - Fort Moultrie.
Fort Moultrie, the first fort constructed on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina, is
considered one of a series of coastal fortifications positioned within Fort Sumter National Monument.
Though meant primarily to protect Charleston, SC, Fort Moultrie played a role in defending all the Nation from 1776 to 1947, via the
Revolutionary Conflict, Civil Warfare, and World Wars I and II.
Formally established as a nationwide website in 1948, it represents more than a
hundred and seventy years of American coastal protection technique.

The cash minted in 2020 included American Samoa, Weir Farm, Salt River
Bay, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller, and Tall grass Prairies.
Errors on the 2020 Nationwide Park of American Samoa Quarter There are at the moment
no identified errors of this coin. If you happen to ever run throughout
something that looks uncommon with this United States Nationwide Park Quarter,
please contact one in all our consultants to have the error verified, or ship the coin to knowledgeable grading company for his or her opinion. Nonetheless,
the typical circulation U.S. Nationwide Parks Quarter is just definitely worth
the face worth of $zero.25. These cash might be spent, saved, or taken to the financial institution.

On June 29, 2017 the ultimate fourth ICO spherical begins, through which contributors can get ATB coin with 1% bonus.
Numerous benefits reminiscent of breakthrough technologies, economic system and
unlimited throughput of transactions per second made
ATB coin probably the most expected amount of transactions is processed within a fee channel
for free; the calculation of the community
commission happens after the channel closure. SegWit (Segregated Witness) — for
optimizing the scale of transactions by combining multiple
transactions into one block. Lightning Network — for optimizing the block community.
Good Contracts — an electronic algorithm that
describes a set of circumstances, the implementation of which entails real life events recognized to everyone.

Cryptocurrency purchase made by Rothschild Fund is a serious
step in direction of the support of cryptocurrency by institutional traders.
Additionally, one initial coin offering for atb coins other good option is to use ATB Code inside sensible contracts, when the ultimate recipient is
unknown, and it can be any consumer who fulfilled the
terms of the contract. Most of those services acknowledged the
profitability, the ease of conversion and output of codes,
as well as the security of such transactions. ATB Coin is an progressive decentralized cryptocurrency incorporating one of the best advanced technologies and
satisfies the needs of all market players to the best advangage - customers, investors and business house owners.

August 1-6, 2017 Silicon Valley Fintech Week San Mateo, CA August 8-9, 2017 Blockchain Buyers Summit Online Webinar August sixteen-17, 2017 ICO-Hypethon St.
Petersburg, Russia initial coin offering August 21-25, 2017 New
York Fintech Week New York, NY August 25-27, 2017 dAppathon Manhattan Seashore, CA August 26, 2017 The Blockchain Day:
Realizing the Potential of Blockchain Hamburg, Germany Please do
atb coins at initial coin offering not forget about our Telegram
chat and Slack. Now we have grow to be conscious on July 12th that the legislative physique of
the country, the Federal Council of Switzerland, is making ready the
basis for the regulation of the cryptocurrency

ATB Segregated Witness - The aim of ATB SegWit is to optimize
the dimensions of transactions allowing it
to mix a number of transactions into one block. It reduces the impact of points resembling network scalability, block overflow,
transaction speed and fee discount. ATB Lightning Community - ATB Lightning Community protocol optimizes the block network, dramatically increasing the transaction speeds and lowering the
scale of the fee. The Lightning Network's multi-signature operation mode generates two private
keys within the 2 out of two” cryptography scheme and requires
two signatures as a way to use coins saved at an address.

We invite you to follow the day-to-day concerning the cryptocurrencies, blockchain and bitcoin world at Crypto-financial system.
I hope that new cryptocurrency ATB Coin turn into a serious competitor to bitcoin in future.
Crowdfunding of ATB Coin tokens began June 12, 2017 and can continue for the next four consecutive weeks.
Over 1500 persons have already decided to turn into investors of
the cryptocurrency that pretends to be the quickest and essentially the most secure among analysts.
It's been an attention-grabbing year for collectors of the 5-ounce silver America the Beautiful (ATB) coin collection.

They're a good deal at the current Mint price of $230 since at current silver ranges, the bullion ones run about $205 or more on average.
Graded examples have offered below the Mint's worth, but my understanding is that was for coins graded SP-68, which is
a relatively low grade for the numismatic variations, the vast majority of which grade SP-69 or 70.

Lesser quality coins always promote at a reduction. Many factors are possible to assist drive
silver higher from tight provides to enhancing financial
knowledge, which will increase the economic demand for silver, and higher gold costs, which make silver a sexy different to those who have trouble affording gold at present levels.

First, the numismatic ATB cash are solely in their second year, whereas
the primary partner program is half over. Second, there's a massive difference in price between a 5-ounce silver coin and a half-ounce gold coin. I can not think of any Mint coin packages which have been ended early aside from the fractional burnished
American gold eagle series, and the Mint by no means said it
could be an ongoing collection anyway. First partner sales have been gradual since 2008,
but the coins are nonetheless being issued. Moreover, the 2011 ATB numismatic cash could be offered in 2012, and who is
aware of what is going to happen subsequent year, particularly if silver resumes its bull

There may be, in fact, no guarantee that things will play out this way
with the ATB series, and the 35,000 mintage is indeed too high and should probably be diminished to
round 25,000 for the 2012 releases and beyond.
But remember that just because 35,000 were minted doesn't mean they may all be offered,
and 5 years or more from now, some issues could be scarce coins that command nice premiums.
Lastly, in terms of fashionable Mint merchandise, it is extremely advisable to gather what
you get pleasure from relatively than trying to foretell
future values, which is a dangerous recreation.

There are most likely silver buyers who would choose up
at the very least the bullion ones at present premiums, if they knew about them.

As a short response for now, I do agree with you on the
potential future worth of the cash, and I also agree with you
that the numbers sold will in atbcoin for atb quarters value chart all probability not fall fairly as badly because the First
Spouse sequence in the brief to medium term. I feel it is price
noting that the Mint seems to be like it's decreasing support of the sequence, although.
Add to this expense the excessive mark ups for slab graded modern mint
points. With actually a whole bunch of America's Prime
Buyers and present help in each state.

To speed up the method of the transaction and increase the capability of the blocks,
ATBCoin originally included the Segregated Witness
know-how and the Lightning Community protocol, in addition to the
Good Contracts algorithm (for more particulars on each technology,
see below). Segregated Witness or SegWit has the primary advantage within the type
of not solely increasing the capacity, but also different improvements within the
cryptocurrency that attract many builders.
The SegWit goal is to optimize the dimensions of transactions,
allowing them to be placed in a block in a better amount that automatically solves the
problems of community scalability, block overflow, transaction pace, and commission discount.

Here is my site :: atb coins at initial coin offering

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