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Name: Rubin Saulsbury
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Alter: 09.12.1970 (48 Jahre)
Ort: Faroe Islands Mount Bruno
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  • Über mich ATB Coin - the
world's quickest and most safe cryptocurrency. Following
the Revolutionary Conflict, George Washington established a nationwide armory on the
site to make use of waterpower from the rivers for manufacturing.
The long run President of the United States first visited North Dakota throughout a
bison hunt in September 1883. What began as a $14,000 funding in a ranch near Medora, North Dakota, finally grew to become a 70,446 acre national park.
South Carolina: Fort Moultrie is a part of the 171-year
history of American East Coast sea defenses that guarded the fledgling nation from the early
threats of the British Navy throughout the Revolutionary
War, all over to the shut of World Struggle II. Fort
Moultrie was the primary main piece in the sequence, guarding the port
city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Authorized in December 1997 and launched for the first time in 1999,
this coin series featured a singular design on the reverse aspect of circulation quarters.
There was no change to the metallic content
or measurement of the usual American 25-cent piece, but
there was a particular location chosen to signify each of the 50 states in the
Union. Following the immense success and recognition of the
circulation commemorative program, the US Mint opted to release a
Territories and DC program representing Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands,
as well as Washington DC. In 2008, it was decided that a special
bullion coin series was with a view to capitalize on the recognition of the circulation cash.

Bullion coins ship in the same plastic capsules, mint tubes of 10 cash, or Monster Bins
of 100 coins (10 whole tubes). The vast majority of the brand new cash in the ATB program featured all-new designs on the reverse aspect for every of the 50 states.
Solely Arizona, California, and South Dakota
featured photos representative of the identical places as used on the state quarters program, however the specific
designs of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite Nationwide Park, and
Mount Rushmore (respectively) have been different.
Additionally, while the state atb coins quarters and territories
quarters had been separate packages, America the Lovely is a fifty six-coin program
that consists of 5 new design releases annually.

ATB Coin is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-primarily based
cryptocurrency designed to deliver blazing fast, secure and close
to-zero cost funds to anyone in the world. Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, Sensible ?ontracts and Cloud Mining are right here for you.
ATB Segregated Witness The objective of ATB Segregated Witness or ATB SegWit is to optimize the dimensions of
transactions permitting to mix a number of transactions into one block.
Traditional bottlenecks like network scalability, block overflow, transaction velocity and fee discount at
the moment are revolutionized with SegWit. ATB Lightning NetworkATB Lightning
Network is a brand new protocol that optimizes the block-network.

As a substitute, an intensive blockchain links 1000's of bits of knowledge collectively, stopping alteration while preserving the anonymity of transactions.
The Segregated Witness system, the Lightning Community setup, in addition to
the Smart Contract and Muti-currency wallet capability are all aspects of ATB that atb coins give its platform a unique
universality to clients of more and more assorted investment backgrounds.
The SegWit is a novel configuration of ATB Coin's platform that allows programmers and specialists to sidestep an essential conundrum on this
planet initial coin offering for atb coin case of cryptocurrency Instead of getting to increase the
block size of the information-storing block, the Segregated Witness system permits transactions to maximise their information effectivity while
minimizing the dimensions of the block.

ATB claims that the system allows transactions to be positioned in a block of upper amount.” Additionally, the builders
remark that the SegWit configuration routinely solves a variety of points
involving network scalability, block overflow, transaction speed, and fee
discount.” If confirmed, these developments might drastically enhance the way transactions are conducted across the block.
A self-repairing block system permits the blockchain to maximize the efficiency
and pace with which transactions are requested and carried out.
One other side of ATB Coin's initiative to optimize the
transaction process is their Lightning Network.

Issuers of Press Releases, and never Bitcoin PR Buzz, are solely responsible for the accuracy of the content.

Similar to no person owns the email technology, nobody owns the Bitcoin network.

ATB Coin venture has attracted greater than 14 million USD of investments and greater than 1100
investors since its begin of the ICO on June 12, 2017.

The strongest advantages of ATB Coin are the new blockchain applied sciences
used resembling SegWit, Lightning Community and Good Contracts.
ATB Coin is boasting a limiteless throughput of transactions per second and permits for
Good Contracts for use by an amazing variety of business and functions.

The obverse of those 5 oz Silver bullion cash is almost an exact replica
of every quarter-dollar that has been released in the mint's America the Beautiful circulating quarters program.
The National Park System was established by means
of legislation spearheaded by President Theodore Roosevelt, who proclaimed 18 national parks by the tip of his
time period. This observe was continued by later
presidents utilizing the Antiquities Act until there were more
than a hundred national parks and monuments. Theodore Roosevelt can now be seen as one
of many 4 faces on Mount Rushmore due to his tireless efforts to create a Nationwide Park
System that might protect America's most beneficial treasures for future generations to see and admire.

America the Lovely Quarters nostalgically have an obverse of
the 1932 portrait of George Washington. These quarters have the
historical inscriptions of U.S.A. OF AMERICA,” LIBERTY,
” IN GOD WE TRUST,” AND QUARTER GREENBACK.” With history on the obverse,
these Silver bullion quarters have unique reverses starting from nationwide parks, forests, and memorials.
The United States Mint releases a brand new design 5 times a year.
Future designs and release dates to no less than 2021 will be discovered at The primary yr of
the ATB coin collection was 2010. Start your
quarter collection with 5 oz Nationwide Park Quarters from APMEX.

These are the primary 5 ounce, three inch, 0.999 effective
silver bullion coins ever produced by the United States Mint.
These unique silver bullion cash will feature reverse designs depicting nationwide
parks and other national websites in each state, District
of Columbia and five U.S. territories ? Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S.

Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands. The
cash will be issued in the order wherein the featured website was first
established as a national park or website. United States Mint
ATB Silver Bullion Coins are funding-grade silver bullion cash.
United States Mint ATB Silver Bullion Coins, with their unique U.S.
government backing, may be offered for cash at many coin and treasured metals dealers.

The design of the coins duplicates precisely (though enlarged) every of the
America the Stunning Quarters. The coins
are distributed by the United States Mint's network of licensed bullion sellers, and
may be resold at the discretion of the Director of the Nationwide Park Service.
These America the Beautiful cash are the bullion version and don't
include the certificate of authenticity or mint box that
accompany atb coins the upper priced Uncirculated
versions. Graded coins are sealed by the independent service in tamper resistant plastic
slabs with the grade and unique ID quantity printed on the label.
Below the In God we trust” inscription, the Uncirculated coins characteristic
a P” image representing the Philadelphia mint whereas the Bullion coins shouldn't have a mint mark.

Though cash in ‘America the Beautiful' (ATB)
sequence are impressed by the 50 State Quarters program, ATB's 5 oz silver makes
them five occasions bigger than the cash that motivated their
mintage. All of the coins launched in the ‘America the Lovely' program so far featured model-new imagery of unique locations in each state, aside from the coins that
represented the states of Arizona, California, and South Dakota.
The photographs used on the cash for these three states were replicas of the designs that had been released earlier through the 50 State
Quarters program. However, the large floor areas of these five
ounce coins have allowed artists and engravers to unleash their
creativity, in stunning, eye-catching element - a feat that is not doable with smaller coins.

The numerous quantity of pure silver (5 troy ounces) make these coins
a pretty funding for investors who want to diversify their portfolios.
Collectors across the globe love the distinctive designs on the reverse, especially the cash featuring
places in the United States which might be well-known all through the world.
Locations like the Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Mount Rushmore Nationwide Memorial, among many others, want no introduction to both folks residing in the United States
and outside it as effectively. While the reverses of those cash characteristic lovely photos,
handpicked for their beauty or historical significance, the obverse
shows a sublime portrayal of George Washington.

The United States Mint does not colorize any of its merchandise.
Subjects might include bitcoin prices, outlooks on altcoins, cryptocurrency development, economics,
atb 5 oz coins controversy

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