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America the Beautiful Silver from the United States Mint.

Oregon: The ultimate coin of the 2010 ATB Silver Coin series,
Oregon is represented by Mt. Hood National Forest. The forest in Oregon was established
as a US Forest Service protection space on September 26, 1893.
Pennsylvania: The primary coin launched within the 2011 series featured stoic photographs from Gettysburg National Navy Park.
The positioning of America's bloodiest battle ever, this coin commemorates the battlefield,
which was established as a nationwide park on February 11,
1895. Montana: Glacier National Park is one of the most spectacular within the
decrease 48 states. The area was established as a nationwide park on February 22,
1897. Acadia Nationwide Park is residence to the highest peak within the Eastern United States.
Established as a park on July 8, 1916, the park is house to a variety of different
environments, from towering peaks to rocky coastlines. Hawaii: Hawaii Volcanoes Nationwide Park is home to 2 of the
world's most energetic volcanoes, drawing tens of millions of
tourists annually to this island state. The park was established as a protecting zone on August 1, 1916.
Alaska: Denali National Park and Reserve is house to Denali, otherwise
often called Mount McKinley, which is the very best peak in the United States and North America.

Utah: Arches Nationwide Park is house to a atb
few of the most original geological formations in the United States.
Colorado: In a state recognized for the majestic
Rocky Mountains, it was the Great Sand Dunes Nationwide Park and Preserve chosen for the
ATB Silver atb coins Coin collection. Florida: Everglades
Nationwide Park is thought across the country as one of many largest swamps in the
United States. The realm is dwelling to stunning birds,
numerous fish species, deadly alligators, and even toxic snakes.
The 2015 ATB Silver coin releases symbolize a number
of the largest monuments and historical locations in the United States,
together with the first and only inclusion within the series
of a nationwide roadway!

Illinois: Established as a federally protected area on September 6, 1939, Shawnee National Forest covers 265,
616 acres of land in southern Illinois. Kentucky: The Cumberland Hole was America's first open passageway to the inland areas of the United
States, and finally the West Coast. Established as
a protected historical park on June 11, 1940, Cumberland Gap
National Historical Park covers a comparatively small 20,508 acres, but holds
a significant place in American history. Early Native American tribes used the Cumberland Hole
as a fertile hunting ground as numerous migratory species moved by
the area from north to south on an annual foundation.

The location preserves the house and property of Frederick Douglass, an abolitionist and outstanding
African American in 19th century America.

Missouri: The Ozark National Scenic Riverways is an 80,
000 acre park positioned in the Ozarks of southern Missouri.
The park protects the Current and Jacks Forks rivers in the area.
It not only offers protection to the plentiful plant and animal species in the area,
but additionally offers clean recreational options for Americans, of which canoeing the rivers is the most popular
past time. New Jersey: The penultimate release of 2017 honors Ellis Island and represents New Jersey within the ATB Series.

Approved in December 1997 and released for the primary time in 1999, this coin series featured a unique design on the
reverse facet of circulation quarters. There was no change to the metal content or measurement of
the usual American 25-cent piece, but there was a particular location selected to represent each of the 50 states within the Union.
Following the immense success and recognition of the circulation commemorative program,
the US Mint opted to launch a Territories and DC program representing Puerto Rico,
American Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana
Islands, in addition to Washington DC. In 2008, it was determined that a special bullion coin collection was with the intention to capitalize on the recognition of the circulation cash.

On the obverse side of every America the Stunning coin you will atb coins discover the left-profile image of
President George Washington. It has appeared on the obverse of American quarters
for more than eighty years now, and stays on the America the Stunning coin collection.
Shopping for America the Stunning Silver Coins from JM Bullion. Once you're
ready to purchase silver , JM Bullion accepts a variety of payment strategies to your investment in these ATB Silver coins.
Should your bundle be misplaced, stolen, or broken throughout shipping, JM Bullion will work
to get better your containers, provide a replacement product, or problem a full refund
of your buy worth.

ATB Coin is a one-of-a-sort blockchain-primarily based cryptocurrency designed to deliver blazing fast,
secure and near-zero cost funds to anyone on this
planet. Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, Smart ?ontracts and Cloud Mining are here
for you. ATB Segregated Witness The purpose of ATB Segregated Witness or ATB
SegWit is to optimize the scale of transactions permitting to mix
multiple transactions into one block. Traditional bottlenecks like
network scalability, block overflow, transaction pace and commission reduction are
actually revolutionized with SegWit. ATB Lightning NetworkATB Lightning Community is a new protocol that optimizes
the block-network.

This cryptocurrency is developed with the world's most advanced
protocols built-in reminiscent of SegWit, Lightning Network, and Good Contracts.
We initial coin offering for atb coins proudly current along with your uttermost consideration, the first genuine cryptocurrency,
the most important value is freedom with ATB Coin. ATB Coin is a brand new, decentralized cryptocurrency,
integrating essentially the most trendy applied sciences - Segregated Witness, Lighting Network and Smart Contracts based mostly on the blockchain. Switch of funds,
fee for items and providers, good funding, and mining
with out particular tools - all that is
made potential with ATB Coin.

The cryptocurrency's capabilities and its future potential has enabled
it to lift $12 million throughout the first fifteen minutes of the ICO.
According to CEO Edward Ng, the corporate's technologically revolutionary cryptocurrency has already attracted excited investors from the
United States, Canada, and China. Edward additionally
said that the company is pleased with the present high level of
interest and optimism from traders. Edward expects the ICO to continue for the next couple of weeks and meet the estimated goal quantity of $50
million. The objective of ATB Segregated Witness or ATB SegWit is to optimize the scale
of transactions permitting it to combine a number
of transactions into one block.

ATB Lightning Network is a brand new atb coins protocol
that optimizes the block community. This is
a very highly effective feature certainly capable of evolving many conventional contracts right into a cryptographic resolution offering users
with protection and reliability. Crowdfunding of ATB Coin tokens started June 12, 2017, and
will proceed till July 12, 2017. Altogether, the maximum tokens issued will quantity 333 million,
of which 50 million can be assigned to the Crowdfunding ICO.
ATB Coin ICO members might make investments utilizing Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCASH, and Litecoin. Bitcoin PR
Buzz doesn't certify the accuracy of the information in press releases revealed on this website.

The obverse of these 5 oz Silver bullion coins is sort of an exact replica of
each quarter-greenback that has been released within the mint's America the Lovely circulating quarters program.
atb coins The National Park System was established by way of legislation spearheaded by President Theodore Roosevelt,
who proclaimed 18 national parks by the top of his term.
This practice was continued by later presidents using the
Antiquities Act until there were more than a hundred national
parks and monuments. Theodore Roosevelt can now be seen as
one of many four faces on Mount Rushmore due to his tireless efforts to
create a Nationwide Park System that may protect America's most beneficial treasures for future generations to see and admire.

Glacier Nationwide Park, Montana is the 2nd coin within the 2011 America
The Stunning National Park Series. Purchases of 10 cash will come in an unsearched mint-issued tube.
Purchases of one hundred cash will come in a mint-issued sealed monster bins.
The biggest silver bullion cash ever issued by the United States Mint.
Design of the coins duplicates exactly (although enlarged) every of the
America the Stunning Quarters sequence. Obverse:
Frequent to complete sequence, depicting George Washington in a restored version of the portrait created by John Flanagan for the 1932
Washington quarter.

Reverse: Depicts national parks and other
national websites in each state, District of Columbia and five U.S.
territories ? Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S.
Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands.
Edge: Smooth edge inscribed with the coin specifications:

The America's Lovely National Parks Quarter Greenback Coin Act
of 2008 (Public Law 110-456) authorizes the
manufacturing of five ounce,999 positive silver
bullion coins replicating every of the designs featured on initial coin offering the United States Mint
America the Lovely Quarters®. The bullion coins are three inches in diameter and have a nominal face worth of 25 cents.

Unlike the reeded fringe of the conventional quarter, the silver coins have a smooth edge inscribed with the
coin specs:999 EFFECTIVE SILVER OUNCE. Purchase America the Stunning
Silver Quarter Coins Online. A land of range and multiple cultures, America has a rich cultural, historical, and
scenic story to tell the world. More than two centuries of exploration, development, and protection of nature throughout the country,
has unearthed a number of brilliantly exquisite spots of
nature as well as historical monuments that deserve the limelight.
Geared toward giving these locations their probability
to shine (actually), the United States Mint began the ‘America the Beautiful'
silver coin sequence in 2010.

Though coins in ‘America the Beautiful' (ATB) series are
impressed by the 50 State Quarters program, ATB's 5 oz silver makes them
5 instances bigger than the cash that motivated their
mintage. All of the coins launched within the ‘America the Lovely' program thus
far featured brand-new imagery of unique places in every state,
apart from the cash that represented the states of Arizona, California, and
South Dakota. The pictures used on the coins for these 3 states
were replicas of the designs that were released earlier throughout the 50 State Quarters
program. However, the big floor areas of those 5 ounce cash have allowed artists and
engravers to unleash their creativity, in beautiful,
eye-catching detail - a feat that is not attainable with smaller cash.

In addition to the silver content material and delightful designs, the restricted mintages of coins within the ‘America the Stunning'
sequence hold traders and collectors on their toes, trying to snag a couple of, earlier than stocks run dry and retains this
product line one of the most standard of all of the silver coins.
Second launch in 2016 and 32nd coin in the ATB Sequence!

Represents Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. Honors Kentucky within the America the
Beautiful program. On the obverse of the 2016 5 oz ATB Colorized Silver Cumberland Gap National
Historic Park coin you will discover the image of a frontiersman looking over the Cumberland
Hole, holding his long rifle in hand as he ponders a future in the unexplored American West.

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